Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tuesdays-50 cents, sweet talkers & older guys

When I was in highschool I went out on Friday and Saturday nights, like everyone else my age. Now that I am in college I now have to also factor in Tuesdays, occasionally Wednesdays and definitely Thursdays. After the whole celebrity/NFL football player encounter, me and House decided that Tuesdays nights should be a regular thing, not to mention the fact that you could get shots for 50 cents (times are hard in college, its like one big recession) After the first month or so you practically blow through the majority of your money  on regular prices drinks-NEVER AGAIN

So this one Tuesday night we went to a nearby frat house where I met the infamous Mr. Hot Shot*, and was he ever, or at least he talked a whole lot of game to make you think so. When he was in the room, he always had a crowd of people around him. He was just one of those mysteriously sexy, confident people that attracted others to him. If this were a cheesy movie, you would probably hear someone say "Guys want to be him, and girls want to be with him". Maybe I'm giving him more credit than he  deserves. Anyways, I decided to go up to Mr. Hot Shot and introduce myself. Well let me tell you the things that I saw from across the room, were magnified when it was just the two of us talking. And boy was he a talker too, a sweet talker, I could tell he had been doing this for a while.

I know this would not be the end of him. 

Sidenote: Bottomline, freshman boys are good for one thing (and we all know what that is), or at least about 85% of them. The other 5% are the gems that are genuine caring gentlemen and the other 10% are gay, in which case make them your best friends. So after you fuck around with the dumbass freshman boys for a bit, I promise you this, you WILL move on o older boys. The older, more mature, boys who have graduated to men.

Stay tuned. Stay Classy.

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