Sunday, November 28, 2010

First Entry

This Blog is about what really goes on in college. Plain and simple. Going to school in the dirty south can get a little crazy at times and I've decided that it's important to write the nights that I probably won't remember down the line. I'm sure, knowing me, that they will be not only memorable, absurd and drunk but probably most likely definitely embarassing in some way.
--->Now, if your younger than a college freshman, you can look at this as a guide of what to do or not to do, its up to you. Believe me, I'm not judging.
--->And if your older than a college freshman, I'm sure you can relate to the events described wholeheartedly, perhaps with a grin reflecting on similar experiences.

CAUTION: stories and accounts may get graphic. There will be many sexual-related stories, after all I am just like any other wholesome American horny college freshman with no parental supervision, its only natural.
*All names have been changed to protect the innocent or the douche-bags who don't want me ruining their reputation. :)

(Sidenote:Any similarities to persons in real life is totally a coincidence)

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