Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Night of P.T.-Celebrities, Saints Players, & Shots,

Let me preface this story by saying that anything can happen in NOLA, and none of the information below has been fabricated for your entertainment purposes.

It was a Tuesday,  at the Boot, it was 50 cent night, my favorite. This kid from my spanish kid once said "Tuesday nights were invented for 50 cent night, not the other way around" haha. What a freshman. Anyways, so we were feeling alright, then.... in walks in....

Eric from the Real World. 

In the flesh, not even twelve inches from my face was this beautiful light skinned blue eyed man standing next to me at the bar. I die. Well, this was the first time I had encountered a celebrity, while intoxicated, so naturally I did what any respectable thoughtful person would do, I bought him three rounds of shots. (The generosity is just too much, and my wallet  is always the one that suffers, and usually my head the next morning). My naive self thought that this was going to be the height of my encounters with celebrities, especially at the Boot, HA! little did I know.

One night me and House* went to the Boot, for one of our late night, last stops to get a drink and maybe take part in some bumpin' and grindin'. Next thing I know my friend Sparkles* grabs me and we head into the "VIP" section of the bar. In this section I find, three maybe four NFL New Orleans Saints Players. They had their 300 lb bouncers pour us drinks and chat us up. Its not that I wasn't interested in chatting it up with a Saints player, I mean hello, they are Superbowl champions people, the truth is I was too far gone, so I went home, leaving House with P.T.

Around 5 am I want to say, House finally walks in to our room. There was about 3 hours unaccounted for, and I know what you're thinking, Did House scored with a Saints player? What do you think ?

Stay Tuned. Stay Classy.

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