Sunday, November 28, 2010

First week-Freshmeat, partyin', & Monday mornings

First week of college was by far my favorite (from what I can remember). I think me and my roommate went out every single night for over a week. I'm pretty sure I didn't go more than 24 hours without drinking. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say stuff like that. But I speak the truth. Anyhow, life was good, it was better than good. 

We were living the dream...

It was the first time we were away from our parents, away from the horrible memories and bad fashion decisions that consumed our high school careers. A fresh start, with new sexier clothes our parents probably wouldn't approve of, an on-campus bar (yes, a bar on campus folks), and a room we could bring boys back to, without checking our parents schedules. I know it sounds like all that I care about is boys (notice the term boy, not men, hopefully this will change), and thats absolutely true. I'm still young, live a little.  
              For me, I got to leave the dreadful winters in the north, the public transportation rides to school, and all of the foolish decisions I made back in the day and come to the dirty south for some good ole fashion partyin' and schoolin'. 

Right off the bat, classes started, but it was exciting finding out who the hotties in your class were, it was practically all we me and the girls on my hall talked about. And who could blame us, I know I speak for most girls when I say that I was sick and balls tired of some of the jokers back home. It was time to find the fresh meat. Fortunately for me, I only had one hottie in all of my five classes, which I found out later was for the best. There were way too many stories about girls hooking up with people in their classes and it just being the most awkward thing ever Monday morning. If there is one thing I would like to avoid its Monday morning awkwardness-two words, no fun.  The only person I even remotely considered was Muscles*. Oh those muscles I barely knew him, and our conversations mostly revolved around discussing social activities and English homework, which was fine. I'm not sure I would be totally interested in him. I just liked looking at his muscles. 

Going out at night was even better than class, shocker I know. Everyone was so eager to meet people, and you know those boys were excited to see all of the girls all dolled up and ready to mingle. And boy did we, it was just fun going up to strangers, introducing yourself and then offering them a drink or vice versa. 

The first week was fun, fun, fun 'till my teacher started assigning homework. 

Stay tuned. Stay classy.

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