Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mitch, Backward Hats, Corsets & My dorm or his?

I’m sure its been said a thousand times before, but I just have to say it -freshman college boys suck. They suck so hard that it makes those sluts who give guys head in the back of the movie theater look bad. I mean honestly I understand that they are teenagers who are horny, but really, these guys will say anything to get you in bed. I never considered myself a vulnerable or naive person, not in the slightest bit, but even I was played for a damn fool. There was this guy, Mitch, I had seen him at a frat party about the second week of school. Totally good looking, typical preppy kid, with his stupid pastel shorts and backwards hats. Totally not my type, but something about those baby blue eyes drew me in like a sale at my favorite shoe store. I knew I wanted to talk to this kid, as I’m sure many of the girls in the room did, but 

I was going to go for it.

            I saw him later that night at another party, he was outside with his friend who was smoking a cigarette. Thank god I got into that awful habit in high school because I found the perfect opportunity to talk to him. I asked his roommate for a light, and began chatting the two boys up. I’m not sure I should either thank or be pissed at my roommate for convincing me to wear a white tube top, a red skirt and three inch heels. I looked hot, I knew it, and he knew it too, which is why we hooked up the next night at a party. I should have enjoyed the little fun I had and then peaced the fuck out, but noooo I had to keep going. I mean the physical stuff was just too good to pass up. The next weekend was this Eurotrash party. Yes, that was the theme of a party, and who the hell knows what to wear to that. So I left my dorm wearing a corset, black shorts and black short leather heel boots. I was feeling sassy, and I guess it showed because the second I saw him I made him 

an offer he couldn’t refuse 

and wound up coming back to my dorm room. These little shenanigans continued on way too long. And like every other relationship that I get myself into, things started to get complicated, and way too casual for my liking. When I saw him, our interactions consisted of cordially saying "hey" to and from class, texting, but not usually (unless it was the weekend, of course) and that was about it. My questions about him began to pile up, was he hooking up with other people? Was he telling all of his friends? How long would this go on? Meanwhile, the only question that entered his mind was my dorm or his? HA

Stay tuned. Stay Classy.

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